This is an interesting question and there are many variables to work with to ensure you do what works best. Therefore, the below is a general recommendation but may not be suitable for your use case.

NOTE: We highly recommend using the AirBolt Pet Collar Attachment (For Dog/Cats) - fits most collars so you can keep the one you have but just allows the GPS to sit snug and securely on your pet Dog/Cat.

The below settins does mean you may need to  charge it more often, However, with loved ones, you are better of doing so because you can get location and keep an eye on them. Please see below

1. Keep your GPS on responsive mode
2. Change schedule to every one to two hours (or higher)
3. Keep Accelerometer on, sensitivity 1 or 2 Using the Accelerometer (you can read about the accelerometer here)
4. Re-alert for accelerometer as you see fit, maybe 5-10 minutes
5. Ensure push notifications/email notifications are on Getting Push or Email notifications for alerts!


The above will report every two hours however, when your dog is moving it will give you location every 5-10 minutes (depending on what you select for re-alert). Keeping it on responsive mode will also allow you request location whenever you need or change the reporting interval giving you flexibility - Understanding GPS modes - Optimised for Battery VS Responsiveness

Finally, always keep your GPS up to date for best performance - How do I update the Software on my GPS