We are always striving to make improvements on the AirBolt GPS. Therefore, from time to time it is good to check for the latest firmware to ensure you get the best experience from the device.

To do so, please see the instructions below

1. Ensure your GPS is on charge and near you.

2. Open your App

3. Click the device - Ensure Bluetooth Connected is showing

4. Swipe up on the the above menu so it expands and Click More settings

5. Click update firmware. If there are updates available, you will see a button allowing you saying "Update".  Please ensure your GPS has over 70% charge and is plugged in. Please do not disconnect or remove from charge until 100% complete. 

Current Version:  You may have to go through the updates a few times. The current versions are below

Modem : 1.3.5

91: 1.2.1

52: 1.1.1

IMPORTANT!!! If your GPS does not report, or has issues after the updates , it means the new modem update caused a little fuss. All you need to do is press and hold the button on your GPS for 20 seconds until it beeps three times. Leave it sit and chill for 12 hours (overnight really), then plug it back in for charge for a couple more. Then use per normal you should be good to go.