Push notifications and/or Email Notifications are great way to ensure you never miss a beat. They help alert you when

1. The accelerometer is triggered i.e. Motion alerts

2. When there is Temperature alerts

3. When there is a SOS Alert

4. When there is Water Detection Alert

5. When the battery of the device is low. 

NOTE: You must turn on the sensors separately to receive these alerts. For example, to receive temperature alerts you must set up/turn on the Temperature alerts as well as well. 

To switch it on 

Via the APP:

1. Select your device, click on more settings

2. Then click "Alerts and Reports".

3. Scroll to Notifications section and turn either Email Notifications Or Push Notifications (or both) on - otherwise you will not be notified!

5. Save settings and you are good to go.

Via the Portal:

1. Login to your account on the portal at manage.theairbolt.com

2. Choose your device and click the "..." button

3. Select Alerts & Reports

4. Scroll down to Notifications, and toggle either Push Notifications or Email Alerts to on (you can both on as well).