Great question! There multiple elements that can impact this. This article should help you understand on how these features work with AirBolt GPS.

Firstly, it is important to ensure that your GPS is charged up - if you need helping knowing how to charge your GPS, please see this link 

How do I charge my GPS?

and always ensure your GPS is up to date by checking for latest software updates - please see link below for instructions on how to update your software

How do I update the Software on my GPS

Once that's out of the way. The next thing to check is

Check what mode of operation are you on.

Responsive mode:

If you are on responsive mode AND the mode is available in your area/country, it takes up to 4 minutes for the request to action. 

NOTE: If you don't have this active, or you don't have this mode available, your GPS will respond as below - Like in Battery Optimised Mode.

Battery Optimised Mode:

Battery optimised mode, sacrifices responsiveness for concentrating on battery life. So GPS will change and report it's location/change to continuous tracking when it was due to report. So, for example, if you have it reporting every hour, then that's when it will respond to the change next. 

Motion Only Mode - Ultra Low Power Mode 

This mode reports purely on motion movement and nothing else. Therefore, locate on demand will not work and will simply send a location next time it moves.

To understand what these modes are and to learn how to check if they are available in your area please see this link Understanding GPS modes - Optimised for Battery VS Responsiveness

To understand Ultra Low Power Mode (motion only mode) - see Using Ultra Low Power Mode

If you are still not seeing location please check this article to troubleshoot further - My GPS is not reporting it's location