Congratulations! You have got your AirBolt Card with Apple Find My and it's now time to set it up. Here is a step by step guide to get you started! 

Set up is super simple but first, just some house keeping

You can only use the Apple Find My App or the AirBolt App, it will not allow you to use both. You must reset your card to switch between the two. If you have paired with the AirBolt App already, you will need to remove it from the AirBolt App then reset it. 

To learn how to delete your Card from the AirBolt App click here 

To learn how to reset your card, please follow the instructions here.

Steps to use your card with Apple Find My

1. Open the Find My App on your iPhone or iPad

2. Select the items tab then tap Add item (+) and Select Other item.

3. While the Find My app is searching, press the Shield button on your AirBolt Card once and you will hear a beep (press twice if the card doesn't beep)

4. Once found, name your AirBolt Card, select emoticon and you are good to go! Congratulations.

NOTE: We highly recommend that you turn on Notifications so the AirBolt Card, always stays with you.