The AirBolt GPS is intuitive in the sense that it can provide location in multiple different environments and switches between location types depending on the situation. 

There are many elements that can affect the location of the GPS. Firstly, the best few things to check are

1. Ensure your GPS is charged - at the very minimum, when plugged in for charging, the Red light on the GPS should fade in and out.

2. Ensure you are using the latest software. We are constantly improving the GPS's features and fixes any bugs. To get the best accuracy, it is very important you have the latest software. To update the software please see

How do I update the Software on my GPS

3. Once all the above is done. It is important to understand where and how you are using your GPS.

To get the most accuracy, the GPS should have access to the unobstructed sky. The more obstructions, the less accurate the GPS becomes. The less obstruction the more accurate it becomes. 

For example, putting in near a window or underneath a roof line, can make signals bounce and hence, make the GPS accuracy reduce. Outside is where GPS works best.

NOTE: never face the AirBolt GPS down (i.e. never point the face with the Humming bird on it downwards) as that will give you the worst accuracy.


If you are seeing a blue/red pin or your the location is quite far from you, it is very likely you have Cellular Location Back up turned on. 

Cellular back up is great when you are tracking a vehicle (or something moving fast), a package and even typically at the Airport (great for tracking luggage)

When you are indoors the AirBolt will likely revert to using cellular back-up as it can't get GPS. At a place like home, it will likely show quite a distance away. Don't worry, this is normal as you are stationary and without GPS signal. 

Once again, if not in the above mentioned scenarios cellular backup won't be as accurate however, being with you at home, you typically also be able to see the GPS via Bluetooth - a third layer of backup.

NOTE : Cellular backup will only turn on and report if you have it activated from the settings. If this is off, you will not see a location. You also get a limited number of cellular back ups a month, so if this has run out, again, you won't be able to see the location.