The Shield Card, is essentially a tracker designed to help prevent you from losing your items you attach to it or slip it into.

To initially setup your Card, see instructions here

There many ways you can locate an item

1. Use the Range Bar. The range bar, tells you how far or close you are to the item. The more pink bars, the closer you are. 

2. Setup Separation Alerts.  Also known as Proximity Alerts, you can set these up in settings. These are great as they alert you when you have left your item behind and moved away from it for example your wallet. This way you'll never lose your precious items. 

For More information: Click Here

3. Ring it : Can't find the item, simply press the Bell button to make your card ring. It's super loud (up to 110dB) so you should be able to trace the card down in a jiffy! 

To turn off the ring, simply press the Shield Logo on the Card once or the bell icon button on your phone.

4. Find your phone: Somehow can't find your phone? Simply double press the Shield icon on your Card, to make your phone ring. To turn off the ringing, simply double press the Shield Logo again, or turn it off from the notification on your phone. 

Note: Ensure you turn on the "Double Click to Ring Phone" setting for this to work.  Card needs to be in connected mode.

5. Use Maps to Find your Item: You can view the last seen location of the item, by going to the "Find" tab (see picture above).

6. Mark It As Lost: We hope this doesn't happen, but should you manage to lose your item, Mark it as Lost, by going to "Find" (see in picture above). A map will show up with it's last seen location and below it, you'll see a "Mark as Lost" Button. Press it, it will change to "Marked As Lost"

Now, when someone from our network finds your item, you'll be alerted via email!

Remember, the app must be on (at least in the background ) to allow these features work.