With AirBolt's Range Bar you can determine how far the AirBolt is from you. The more bars that show, the closer it is. 

The bar can prove to be quite useful in a whole range of scenarios. For example, imagine you are stuck amidst a large crowd at the Airport waiting for your luggage to arrive, looking around, ducking and diving! It's a major headache! Now, just stand back, and wait for your AirBolt to show "In-Range". As soon as it does, you know your luggage has arrived! Just go up and pick it up. 


To ensure you bag or whatever you lock your AirBolt doesn't move too far away from you, you can also turn on Proximity Alerts. This depending on your choice, can set the AirBolt and/or your Phone to ring when it moves away from you.

You have two choices for Proximity alerts. High Sensitivity (triggers when range bar is about 3) and Low sensitivity (triggers when range bar is about 2). We recommend you use Low Sensitivity Mode. The range can be affected by many environmental factors plus your phone's bluetooth antenna. So we suggest you start with Low Sensitivity mode and then if needed turn on High Sensitivity Mode.

You can turn these on via Lock Settings when you are connected to your AirBolt.

When the Alert Triggers, Press the right button on the AirBolt to stop it ringing and click Snooze on your App.

NOTE: If you move away and closer quickly, the alert can sometimes trigger when the AirBolt is near you as it takes the average value over a certain amount of time.