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New AirBolt won't unlock

Paired successfully. Nothing works to unlock the AirBolt.  Press unlock in the app, the AirBolt flashes green twice. Pull on the bolt and the AirBolt turn red and the lock symbol in the app turns to locked.  Is this fixable??

Hi Claude,

Can you send us a video of the issue - are you pulling from the pin ? not the wire?

Thought of sending you a video, so will do. Yes pulling on the pin/bolt not the wire / left side.  Tried all the possible ways to unlock from the iOS app, key combo, and left button press when near the phone.  It unlocks in the app and flashes green on the lock, but turns red immediately when pulling on the pin.  Also got an email reply to this problem so will reply with a video to that email,

I sent a video 5 days ago and still no reply on ticket 


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