Managing your subscription is super easy and can all be done via the portal. The steps are outlined below.

1. Visit
2. Login
3. Click your device and click the " ..."

4. Then click Device Settings.

5. Click update plan and from there you can choose your plan underneath the product plan section

Plans will be shown underneath this section

To change your subscription to another plan

You can simply select another plan in the Product Plan menu. The options shows the one you are currently subscribed to, and the other options will have an "Activate Now" Button

To Pause, Cancel or Resume an existing subscription.

Underneath the "Current Subscription" section you will see the plan you have activated. To manage this subscription, please click the "..."  and you will be presented further options. NOTE: if you cannot see the three dots, try scrolling the screen to the left. 

Need to update/manage the credit card associated with your account? Please see instructions here.