The AirBolt GPS has an SOS Alert feature which can alert you to the fact. 

To be able to use it

1. You must switch it on from the app or portal

2. You need to enable push or email notifications - this is important otherwise you will not get notified!

3. The notification is sent when the button on the GPS is pressed 5 times in succession quickly. 

To switch it on 

Via the APP:

1. Select your device, click on more settings

2. Then click "Alerts and Reports".

3. Scroll down and find the SOS Alert button On/off toggle and switch to on

4. Then - this is just as important, scroll to Notifications section and turn either Email Notifications Or Push Notifications (or both) on - otherwise you will not be notified!

5. Save settings and you are good to go.

Via the Portal:

1. Login to your account on the portal at

2. Choose your device and click the "..." button

3. Select Alerts & Reports

4.  Scroll down to Reports and toggle to on.

5. After that scroll down to Notifications, and toggle either Push Notifications or Email Alerts to on (you can both on as well).