Motion Only mode (a.k.a Ultra Low Power mode) is designed to maximise battery life of your GPS. It is the next step up from being in "Battery Optimised" Mode.

Motion only mode uses the accelerometer only meaning it will not report on demand, nor as per schedule. Only on movement events but it saves the most power and gets the best battery life.

It is a great option to keep an eye on valuables that don't move much and you want to be alerted if they do. 

To set up and turn on Ultra Low Power Mode, please see below.

Via the Portal:

1. Login to your account on the portal at

2. Choose your device and click the "..." button

3. Select Alerts & Reports

4.  Scroll down to the accelerometer section and switch the toggle to on for the accelerometer (enable) and

5.  Turn on Ultra Low Power Mode

6. You will then need to set up the other settings as well - please see Accelerometer Settings below.

Via the APP:

This is coming soon. 

Accelerometer Settings:


Set the sensitivity by choosing a number from 1 to 10. The lower the number, the more sensitive. This means smaller movements will trigger it. The higher the number, means larger movements will be needed to trigger it. 


Re-alert after is there to stop it sending alerts too often. Choose a time frame that you don't want another alert for. You can stop of it sending multiple alerts for the time you set in this setting.  For example, setting it to 30 minutes means you will not get another alert from the accelerometer for at least 30 minutes after the previous alert.

Send Location:

If turned on it means the location of the device is also sent with the alert. Otherwise you will just get an alert without location information.