The AirBolt GPS has LED which lights up the Humming Bird in front of the device. Here is what the colours mean

On button press, you will see a red light blink. 

Blue light - fading in and out = looking for cellular signal/acquiring cellular information.

Yellow light - flashing three times = network error, not able to connect.

Green light - fading in and out = looking for GPS (to obtain GPS signal, best to place outside with view to sky).

DURING CHARGE -when your GPS is plugged into the USB-C:

1. If battery is extremely/critically low, LED light will not light up until it there is enough charge in it

2. When battery is low-medium, you will the LED light flash in Red light every 5-6 seconds briefly.

3.  When the battery is above 70% or higher, you will see the Red light fade in and out slowly. 

4. When fully charged, the LED will turn off again. The app can be used to verify charge level.