Your AirBolt GPS can easily be charged using a USB-C cable. The device comes with one or you can use your own. 

Typically the GPS takes 4-5 hours to charge. Please remove the USB-C Cover from the left hand side of the GPS (when the logo is facing upwards - same said as number 1 in the picture below) and insert USB-C Cable (1) into it to charge.

As it is charging the LED Light (2) will turn on. Please note the following

1. If battery is extremely/critically low, LED light will not light up until it there is enough charge in it

2. When battery is low-medium, you will the LED light flash in Red light every 5-6 seconds briefly.

3.  When the battery is above 70% or higher, you will see the Red light fade in and out slowly. 

4. When fully charged, the LED will turn off again. The app can be used to verify charge level.


We recommend a 5V adapter, most commonly found with recent smart phones.


It is best to use a simple phone charger or connect it to a USB-C port in your computer.

Battery, Product Care and Disposal

A rechargeable lithium polymer battery inside. Do not throw it into fire or expose it to excessive heat. Do not puncture, crush or damage the battery. Do not charge the battery near the heat source or in direct sunlight. If the battery overheats or deforms during the charging or use with the device, immediately remove it from the charger and do not use it