For getting accurate GPS location, it is best to place the device facing upwards outdoors. 

Due to the nature of GPS, if it is indoors it is very unlikely you will get a GPS Signal and the device will revert to cellular triangulation which reduces accuracy.

Understanding Cellular Location:

The AirBolt GPS is an advanced location device which has multiple layers of tracking increasing your chances of locating an item.  One of the key features of the AirBolt GPS is back up cellular tracking. 

Whilst your AirBolt GPS gives its best shot to get you a GPS signal, cellular back up triangulation happens automatically when the GPS is not able to get a satellite signal. An example of this would be when you are indoors or surrounded by too many buildings

Cellular tracking helps give you an idea of the vicinity your GPS is in helping you hone in to it - it is particularly great when the GPS is moving such when tracking a package or at Airports when flying. However, when indoors stationary, the accuracy of cellular suffers. 

This user the cellular network towers to best guess your location but does sacrifice accuracy. On the map cellular locations are shown as Red pins (least accurate) or blue pins (medium accuracy). The map below is a good example of cellular location pings.


So why cellular at all?

Cellular is a great backup for moving objects, and for example, luggage tracking so you can know your luggage as arrived in your destination. Other than this, if you need to know where your valuable is, this provides you at least with a vicinity to look around increasing your chances of finding an item rather than not know at all.


At AirBolt we are always innovating and cellular is just another feature designed to increase your changes finding your valuables.

How to turn on cellular tracking:

You can turn on cellular back up either via the app or via the portal.

Via the App:

1. Select your device, click on more settings

2. Then click "Alerts and Reports" and in "Reports" section ensure that in " Schedule" you have selected the options which          contain the words "Cell" as well as the others you want.

Via the portal:

1. Login to your account on the portal at

2. Choose your device and click the "..." button

3. Select Alerts & Reports

4. Under the reports heading also tick "Cellular Backup" - note Cellular backup only works in conjunction with GPS not alone. 

5. Click save.

NOTE: Cellular is a back up and only when you do not get GPS it will revert to using this. There are a limited number of cellular back up location pings you get per month. Please check your subscription plans for details. 


Setting up a Reporting Schedule:

For getting accurate GPS location, you need to use the device facing upwards outdoors. If it is indoors it is very unlikely you will get a GPS Signal and the device will revert to cellular triangulation which reduces accuracy significant.

Please see this article to learn more about this.


Optimising for Responsiveness VS Optimised for Battery

Once you activate you GPS you will then be prompted to setup your device to be Responsive mode or Battery                         Optimised mode.  This is crucial to understand so that you can make the most of your GPS. 

Please see this article to learn more about this.

Note once again, this is highly encouraged as if these is not understood, your experience with the GPS may be suboptimal.