Congratulations! You have got your AirBolt and it's now time to set it up. Here is a step by step guide to get you started! 

NOTE: If you have the new generation AirBolt Card with Apple Find My, you can only use the AirBolt app OR the Find My App. You will need to reset your card to switch between each other. 

STEP 1:  

Download the AirBolt app, so you can connect and pair your AirBolt.

The AirBolt app is your companion for the AirBolt Lock. It’ll let you unlock it, manage its settings and give you access to many of its awesome features.

Search for the AirBolt app in the App Store or Google Play or scan here

STEP 2: 

Launch the AirBolt App and sign up (or login if you already have an account) Once you sign up, you must verify your email before you can login.

"Sometimes the email can take a few minutes to arrive. If you cannot see the verify button, your browser or email client may have blocked it. Check your security settings in case and if using an email client click to “view in browser”."

STEP 3: 

Login and click the “+” button to add your first AirBolt.

"Please accept all permission requests. These can be modified in your phone’s settings menu if need be. " For Android also ensure GPS/location permissions are enabled and provided to the app."


STEP 4: 

Double Press the "Shield" Logo on the AirBolt Card quickly to wake it up. It will beep.  Click next and follow the set-up procedure step by step

STEP 5: 

Once the Card is found, you can now name it and select a picture.

STEP 6: 

You are all done! WOOT!





AirBolt Status: In Range Vs Connected:

The AirBolt must be shown as “Connected” to perform an action such as ring. When status is “In-Range” it means your AirBolt is nearby. The App will automatically change from “In-Range” to “Connected” status when you are close enough to be able to make it ring.