If you ever need to remove your AirBolt from your account, you can simply do so by following the steps below.

NOTE: removing the AirBolt also resets it's key so that anyone can add it to their account after that. However, if you'd like to simply share the AirBolt with someone else, please follow instructions located here to do so


1. Ensure you are connected to the internet and launch the AirBolt app on your phone.

2. Wait until the AirBolt you want to remove from your account is in a "connected" state.

3. Swipe Left to reveal the option to delete your AirBolt.

4.  Click Delete. 

5.  Once completed, the AirBolt will be removed from your account and its key will be reset


6. Now close the app and turn off bluetooth. 

7. Go to Bluetooth settings on your phone. Find the AirBolt and remove it from your bluetooth settings (i.e. unpair, forget device etc).

You are done! The AirBolt is now deleted from your app and phone. You can now add it to another account/another user can pair with it.