The AirBolt is designed so you don't have to worry about charging it too often and that you can travel stress free when sufficiently charged. Battery life is designed to last multiple months per charge and whenever it gets low, simply put it for charge.

How do I know what percentage charge I have remaining?

It's simple. The app for the AirBolt tells you the approximate remaining charge for your AirBolt.

When your battery is low, the AirBolt also starts to flash red. At this point, you should aim to charge your AirBolt immediately to ensure the charge does not get critically low and you have enough battery for your trip. It's healthier for the battery too.

How do I charge my AirBolt?

1. On the back of the AirBolt to the bottom left, there is a USB cover (as shown in the picture below - cover style may vary).

2. Simply lift the cover up, and plug in the Micro-USB charger into it (Cable not Included).

3. The AirBolt will begin to charge (usually flashes white while doing so).

4. Charging usually takes a few hours - and you can check the percentage of the charge on the Phone.

5. Ensure that you do not overcharge i.e. keep it on for charge for hours at a end. Once it has reached full charge, it is best to remove it from charge. This is best for battery life and the health of the battery. 

6. Once done, remove the Micro-USB cable and ensure you close the cover properly.