Whilst we hope you don't come across any connections issues, sometimes they can happen due to the  phones hardware, the environment or a bunch of random factors. This section is here to help tell you some ways of navigating such problems if you ever face them.

Always ensure you have an active internet connection when performing these steps.

My AirBolt shows it's "in-range' but does not connect?

For iOS:

This can sometimes happen after a firmware update. The best method to resolve this is 

  1. Close the app.
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings
  3. Find the AirBolt
  4. Click the "i"
  5. Forget this device.
  6. Turn Bluetooth off and then after 5 seconds on again. 
  7. Ensure you have an active internet connection
  8. Launch the app again
  9. The App will automatically ask you to pair. 
  10. Click Pair
  11. You should be good to go. 

For Android:

Each and every device has its own connection time. It will change from "In-range" to "connected" as your device forms the connection. This can be highly device dependent and how the Bluetooth stack in your version of Android is built. Sometimes you can assist the connection process by click one of the buttons on the AirBolt and click the AirBolt in the list (in the app). Also always ensure your GPS is enabled on the phone and the app has all required permissions given to it.

If it still refuses to connect, try going to your Android settings, and forgetting the AirBolt from Bluetooth settings (not the app) otherwise restart the phone.

Pairing on my Android Phone often shows up with "Connection Time out"

Please ensure that you have given the app all permissions and that GPS is turned on. Then try to pair again. If you continue to see connection time out, it is usually to do with the way the Bluetooth stack is built on your phone. Sometimes what you can do, is simply use another phone (Friend, family etc), login to YOUR account on their phone on the app and add the AirBolt. Then simply, just log back in on your original phone and your AirBolt should be there and ready to use - don't forget to log out on the other phone though, as only one phone can connect to the AirBolt at the same time.

My AirBolt is next to me but won't connect.

Ensure that you are not logged in to another phone. Whilst you can be logged into many devices, the AirBolt can only communicate with one phone at the same time. Furthermore, press the button on the AirBolt to increase its broadcast frequency and ensure its charged.

You can also try to forget the device from your Bluetooth settings (phone's settings not app).

Known Issues

There are known issues related to latest Android 9 (Pie) updates and some Android devices. Unfortunately, this are related to hardware and software versions used by the manufacturers and beyond our control.

We suggest using a google search for BLE issues related with your phone model to help resolve the issue.

In some cases, the issue can be related to battery optimization being enabled on the phone. Please check this, and turn off battery optimization for the AirBolt app or in general from your phone settings.

You can also go to Bluetooth and clear the Bluetooth caches, then force stop Bluetooth. Restart your phone and then re-enable Bluetooth. 

Overall, we do aim for maximum compatibility and such problems are rare.