Whilst firmware updates are a rare occasion, keeping your AirBolt up to date, ensures you have the latest features and fixes. This ensures you can continue having the best experience possible while using your AirBolt on your travels however, updates are not mandatory unless otherwise stated.

To check or update firmware, you first need to ensure that you are connected to your AirBolt. Then, please follow the following steps




Ensure you have at least >50% battery and ensure you are the Primary Owner (first person to pair it) before updating your AirBolt. Having enough battery is extremely important, otherwise you may corrupt your AirBolt! 



1. Click the AirBolt you want to update so you are presented with the following screen. Please ensure AirBolt is connected and you can perform actions e.g. unlock/set off alarm. Only then proceed.

2. Click Lock Settings and scroll down to "firmware update".

3. Click Update Firmware.

4. If there is an update available, you'll be able to click the update button- continue to step 5. If your firmware is up to date, it will let you know and you do not need to do anything.

5. Click the update button and the firmware update process will begin. NOTE: Please do not touch your AirBolt or Plug it in while updating!! 

6. Your AirBolt will begin to update as shown below. Once the process has begun as below, we strongly suggest that you do not abort. Note: if DFU targ not found comes up, it means that your AirBolt is not compatible with the update/it can be ignored.

7. Once completed, your AirBolt will start up again. Please press and hold both left and right buttons on the AirBolt for >3 seconds until it flashes, to fully activate it again.



Once the update is completed, YOU MUST close the app (double click home button and/or swipe up on the app and shut it down), go to Bluetooth settings (settings > bluetooth) and click the info button on the AirBolt you updated , and forget the device. Then turn bluetooth off for a few seconds and on again - this clears the bluetooth cache. Ensure you have an active internet connection, relaunch the app once this is done. It will find the AirBolt and ask you to pair. Click pair, and you are good to go.


Usually, once the AirBolt starts up again, you'll only need it to connect again to start using it. However, if you see an unusual behavior, then please close the app, restart your phone and relaunch the app (ensure App has all relevant permissions to function properly)


You may own many AirBolts which you would like to update. To do so, you may go and update each one individually (ensure with each one you can perform actions) and you can wait until you have completed all updates before going to your phones (not app)  Bluetooth settings and forgetting the devices. However, sometimes, as the phone is handling many connections around you, you may get to the 2nd or 3rd AirBolt, and it may not be able to complete the update.

If you have this issue, simply, close the app, go to your Phone's Bluetooth settings, unpair/forget the device. The relaunch the app, wait until it pairs (if it prompts to pair, click pair) and then continue updating. 

NOTE: it can take a couple of minutes for the AirBolt to restart. So please be patient.



If you have set a back up button code, you will need to reset/re-add it as a firmware update will erase it! Instructions located here


If you experience any issue while updating your firmware e.g. it gets stuck on a certain percentage for a while, do not worry. please wait a few more minutes. After that, if there is no progress, please close the app completely and ensure the AirBolt has restarted again,. Go to Bluetooth settings and forget device/unpair device. Ensure you have an active internet connection, relaunch app, ensure its connected and you can perform actions and proceed.

A quick way to restart your AirBolt is to plug it in to the charger, wait 5 seconds and remove the plug. This will restart your AirBolt.

Finally, if you see an error such as "cannot find dfutarg" , "dfu targ error" or it gets stuck on 0%, don't worry. You can try again later or follow the instructions above for troubleshooting. If it still doesn't work and if you are running version 1.6.18 and above, you are running a stable version of the AirBolt unless otherwise indicated and you do not need to continue to update as the update is not compatible with your AirBolt.

You are more than welcome to reach out to us, should you have any issues.