There are many ways you can unlock the AirBolt with different security settings as well. Here is a quick over view.

Easy Unlock.

When in default mode (i.e. when high security mode is off) and the AirBolt app is connected, all you have to do is press the left button on the AirBolt and it’ll unlock for you! So, simple.

Unlock using your Phone:

When connected, you can also click the unlock button on the phone to open the AirBolt.

High Security Unlock

From your app settings (Click the settings icon on the bottom of the app) you can turn on high security mode. This means you can either use Touch (if available for your phone), Face ID (once again if available) or a passcode to unlock your AirBolt. This means then whenever you press the left button on the AirBolt (when connected) or whenever you press unlock on the phone, it will prompt you to enter the relevant credentials before unlocking.

Phone-less Access:

Should you not have your phone, you can also access the AirBolt by entering your unique button code. For more information button codes and phoneless access please read this article