The AirBolt flashes a whole range of different colours depending on the actions it is taking. Here is a quick overview to explain what is going on.

One Blue Flash with Beep

Acknowledgement that a button has been pressed.

Continuous Blue Flashing

Indicates AirBolt is connected to the Phone, the button has been pressed on the AirBolt and it is awaiting instructions from the Phone for further actions.

2 Green Flashes

Acknowledgement that AirBolt has been unlocked

Continuous Red Flash every few seconds

Low Battery Indication, please charge

3 Red Flashes

Acknowledgement AirBolt has been locked

Continuous White Flashing when Plugged In

AirBolt is charging

Continuous White Flashing with Beep

Alarm active.

Multiple quick Yellow Flashes

No response received from Phone/No action required