Most of the latest iOS or major Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 or above will be compatible with the AirBolt. Below is a basic compatibility list.

Version Compatibility List.



iPhone 6* and above.

*iPhone 5 and 5SE are still compatible in terms of functionality however, due to screen size may have visual bugs on screen. 


with Retina Display & Later with iOS 10 onward.


The iPod Touch (5th generation) is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy


Most popular devices with Android 6 and later with Bluetooth LE.


  • Some versions of Android are known to have Bluetooth issues, in which case the AirBolt may have trouble connecting. This is usually fixed by updating your Android version to the latest version. 
  • AirBolt is not liable for functionality or lack thereof with jailbroken devices and cannot provide support for Jail Broken phones. 
  • The app is intended to be used with full public releases versions of iOS and Android operating systems.