Great question. Whilst there are many ways you can go about setting your GPS for travel. Lets start by just making it as simple as possible.

We suggest just use Motion Only Mode (Ultra Low Power Mode). Motion only mode, works simply by motion and not by scheduling.

We recommend following

1. Ensure you have both GPS and Cellular Back up on - from the reporting section.
2. Turn Motion Only Mode ON

3. Use Sensitivity settings between 1-3 (test this a little because 3 would mean more movement before triggering, 1 meaning it triggers more easily)

4. Use a re-alert timing of about 1 hour to 2 hours . 

NOTE: Please turn on aeroplane mode for the duration of the it will sleep for a period of time, then when awake will continue to report as per motion movement. 

Obviously this is not a hard and fast rule, but it keeps it simple - Motion Only mode, means you get reports on motion only, Bluetooth also stays off most of the time. 

Instructions here - Using Motion Only Mode